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  • Checker Devilman Full skate review

    23 December 2015

    Skateboarding has located its way into mainstream culture and can be observed not only around the streets and in neighborhoods, but also on Tv, in films and in advertisements across the nation. Skateboards are created up of numerous main parts for example,...

  • How does a Segway work.

    12 December 2015

    Have you ever wandered how does a Segway work? The Segway is what it called a inverted pendulum. These means it has its mass above its pivot point. It is often implemented with the pivot point mounted on a unit that can move horizontally.How are they...

  • The worlds first real Hoverboard !

    12 December 2015

    Whoa! Amazing This video show skateboard legend Tony Hawk riding the world first electric Hoverboard! Don't miss this one.