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How does a Segway work.

December 12 2015 , Written by David Fauklant

The swegway in action.
The swegway in action.

Have you ever wandered how does a Segway work?

The Segway is what it called a inverted pendulum. These means it has its mass above its pivot point. It is often implemented with the pivot point mounted on a unit that can move horizontally.How are they powered? - They are powered by electric motors.

What kind of battery do they use?

Segway's tend to use lithium ion batteries that can be recharged by being plugged into a regular home outlet.

How do they stay balanced?

They use computer software, a couple do tilt sensors and something called gyroscopes.

How do you move forward? Backward?

You simply lean forward to go forward and backward to go back ward.

How do you control the speed?

The farther you lean forward, the fast you with go. It does have governor system, though. If you get going faster than the software has been programmed, the system with push back on you a little bit, thus not allowing you to to go to fast.

We have seen in it existing in the following citys and regions.

Edinburg, Cottage Grove, West Paterson, Easley, Blue Island, West Carrollton City, Bemidji, Beatrice, Natchez, Herndon, Rutland, Chino, Smithfield, Opa-locka, Eden, Rogers, Yuba City, Oskaloosa, Riverside, Hopkinsville, West Hollywood, North Little Rock, Mississippi, Hillsdale, Carpentersville, Kissimmee, Bethel Park municipality, Wilson, Tulsa, Alice, Grand Forks, Lufkin, Riverbank, Chaska, Glen Carbon, Sachse, South Jordan, Southfield, Beaumont, California, Centennial, Brooklyn, Mount Pleasant, Savage, Selma, Dearborn Heights, Harper Woods, Erie, Millville, Covington, Texas, New Jersey, College Station, Alaska, Covina, West Virginia, Greenwood, Fargo, Forest Acres, Dickinson, Canton, North Adams, Coos Bay, Thomasville, Medina, Rockledge, Muskogee, El Cerrito, Brownsburg, North Myrtle Beach, West Jordan, Kearney, Tennessee, Sauk Rapids, Lowell, Upper Arlington, Bensenville, Pasadena, Gautier, Springboro, Beachwood, Pompano Beach, Kentucky, South Dakota, Tahlequah, Key Biscayne, Vero Beach, Pomona, Elizabethton, Winchester, La Grange Park, Markham, Pennsylvania, Moline, Tampa.

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